The eVscope is an entirely new amateur telescope design.  It uses a high-speed photo chip along with integrated stacking technology to create an image on a screen seen through the eyepiece.

It is able to gather photons like astrophotography but show the image real time.  This allows the user to see faint objects that are not visible in optical telescopes, and to do so in color.

The telescope itself is a 4.5 inch reflector. The telescope and tripod weigh only 19.5 pounds and there is an available backpack for transport.  It can be easily carried and set up in a couple of minutes.  Alignment is totally automated and takes about a minute.  Slewing to an object and the initial enhancement process takes around 2 minutes so observing can begin in less than 5 minutes.  

The Images below were captured in light polluted skies under less than ideal sky conditions.  They were stored automatically by the eVscope. They contain captions that identify of the object, length of enhancement and date. 

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